National case law


Canada, R. v. Brocklebank

United States, Hamdan v. Rumsfeld

Belgium, Public Prosecutor v. G.W

Canada, Ramirez v. Canada

Canada, Sivakumar v. Canada

Canada, R. v. Boland

Canada, R. v. Seward

France, Dupaquier, et al. v. Munyeshyaka

Israel, Military Prosecutor v. Kassem and Others

Israel, Ayub v. Minister of Defence

Israel, Al Nawar v. Minister of Defence

Israel, Ajuri v. IDF Commander

The Netherlands, Public Prosecutor v. Folkerts

United Kingdom, Interpreting the Act of Implementation

United Kingdom, Labour Party Campaign – Misuse of the Emblem

United Kingdom, The Case of Serdar Mohammed (Court of Appeal and Supreme Court Judgments)

United States, Johnson v. Eisentrager

United States, Trial of Lieutenant General Harukei Isayama

United States, United States v. Batchelor

United States, United States v. William L. Calley, Jr.

United States, United States v. Noriega

United States, Trial of John Phillip Walker Lindh

United States, United States v. Marilyn Buck

Sweden/Syria, Can Armed Groups Issue Judgments?

Switzerland, The Niyonteze Case

Switzerland, Military Tribunal of Division 1, Acquittal of G.

Switzerland, X. v. Federal Office of Police

El Salvador, Supreme Court Judgment on the Unconstitutionality of the Amnesty Law

United States, Jurisprudence Related to the Bombing of the U.S.S. Cole

USA, Al-Shimari v. CACI Premier Technology, Inc.

USA, Guantánamo, End of "Active Hostilities" in Afghanistan

USA, Jawad v. Gates

Afghanistan, Bombing of a Civilian Truck

Switzerland: Gold Looting Case

Spain, Universal Jurisdiction over Grave Breaches of the Geneva Conventions

Belgium, Prosecution of Terrorist Crimes in the context of Armed Conflict