Any object which is not a military objective. A civilian object must not be attacked unless it is used in a way that renders it a military objective. It may not be the target of reprisals. In case of doubt whether an object which is normally a civilian object (e.g., a place of worship, a house or other dwellings, a school) is a military objective, it must be considered as a civilian object.   See Property; Cultural property; Environment; Water;




     PI, 52

     CIHL, 9

Protection: general (+ principle of distinction)

     HR, 23(g), 25, 26, 27, 28, 46, 47, 52, 53, 54

     GCIV, 33, 46, 53

     PI, 48, 51, 52, 57

     CIHL, 7, 8, 9, 10

Protection: precautionary measures (See also Precautions against the effets of attacks; Precautions in attack)

     HR, 26-27

     PI, 48, 51, 56-58

Protection: prohibition of confiscation

     HR, 46/2

     CIHL, 51(a) and (c)

Protection: prohibition of destruction and seizure unless required by military necessity (See also Property; Seizure)

     HR, 23(g)

     GCIV, 53

     PI, 54/5

     CIHL, 50

Protection: against direct attack

     HR, 25, 27

     PI, 52/1, 56, 59-60

     CIHL, 7 and 10

Protection: prohibition of indiscriminate attacks (See also Indiscriminate attacks)

     PI, 52/4-5

Protection: prohibition of pillage (See also Pillage)

     HR, 28

     GCI, 15/1 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

     GCII, 18/1 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

     GCIV, 16, 33

     PII, 4/2(g), 8

Protection: presumption of civilian character

     PI, 52/3

Protection: prohibition of reprisals (See also Reprisals)

     GCIV, 33

     PI, 52/1

Grave breach (See also Grave breaches)

     GCIV, 147

     PI, 85

specially protected objects

     cultural objects (See Cultural objects)

     indispensable for the survival of the civilian population (See Objects indispensable for the survival of the civilian population)

     works and installations containing dangerous forces (See Works and installations containing dangerous forces)


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