IHL rules on detention cover four main areas: grounds for and procedure of detention, treatment of detainees, judicial guarantees during trial, and, and, to a certain extent, transfer of detainees.

The purpose of the rules on material conditions of detention is to ensure that detaining authorities adequately provide for detainees' physical and psychological needs. These rules govern the issues such as food, accommodation, health, hygiene, contacts with the outside world, and religious observance, among others.

See DetentionPrisoners of warCivilian interneesInternmentTreatment; Accommodation; Food; Hygiene; Communication;



places of detention

   GCIII, 97108

   GCIV, 83-88124

   PII, 5/1(b)5/2


    GCIII, 97/4108/2

    GCIV, 76/4124/3

    PI, 75/5

    PII, 5/2(a)


    PI, 77/4

as disciplinary punishment for POWs

    GCIII, 89/4909597-98

awaiting trial for POW

    GCIII, 103

of protected persons in occupied territory

    GCIV, 68-6976-78

information to be recorded for persons in detention

    PI, 33/2