The mortal remains of persons killed in action or who have died of wounds or disease contracted during hostilities must be respected, as must the mortal remains of persons who have died in captivity, internment or detention as a result of occupation of a territory. International law prescribes rules for the respect and marking of graves and the steps to be taken for such purposes at the end of hostilities.See Missing persons



examination confirming death

    GCI, 17/1 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

    GCII, 20 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

    GCIII, 120/3

    GCIV, 129/2

obligation to search and identify dead bodies and notify of deaths

    HR, 14, 19

    GCI, 15 (see ICRC updated Commentary), 16 (see ICRC updated Commentary), 17 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

    GCII, 18/1 (see ICRC updated Commentary), 19 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

    GCIII, 120/3

    GCIV, 16/2, 129/2

    PI, 33

    PII, 8

    CIHL, 112, 116

last wills, documents, personal effects and valuables

    HR, 19

    GCI, 16/3 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

    GCII, 19/3 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

    GCIII, 120/1, 122/9

    GCIV, 113, 129/1, 139

    PI, 34/2(c)

    CIHL, 114

respect for mortal remains   

    GCI, 15/1 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

    GCII, 18/1 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

    GCIV, 16/2

    PI, 34/1

    PII, 8

    CIHL, 113

decent burial

    GCI, 17 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

    PI, 34/1

    CIHL, 115

agreements on the return of remains 

    PI, 34/2 and 4

    CIHL, 114