See Relief; Humanitarian assistance; Detainees; Starvation;

 Legal source

prohibition to attack, destroy, remove or render useless objects indispensable to the survival of the civilian population

    PI, 54/2

    PII, 14

    CIHL, 54

prohibition of starvation

    PI, 54/1

    PII, 14

    CIHL, 53

prohibition of reprisals

    PI, 54/4

in occupied territory

    GCIV, 55

    GCIV, 59-62

    GCIV, 108-111

free passage of consignments for the civilian population

    GCIV, 59/3

    PI, 70

    CIHL, 55

free passage of all consignments of essential foodstuffs intended for children under 15, expectant mothers and maternity cases

    GCIV, 23/1

priority distribution

    GCIV, 50/5

for civil internees

    GCIV, 89

    GCIV, 108-112

    CIHL, 118

for POWs

    HR, 7/2

    GCIII, 26

    GCIII, 72-76


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