See also Release; Repatriation; Re-establishment


of medical and religious personnel

        GCI, 30-31 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

        GCII, 37 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

        GCIII, 33

of personnel belonging to neutral countries

        GCI, 32 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

of POWs

    release at the close of hostilities

        GCIII, 118-119

    POWs transferred to Party not respecting the Conventions

        GCIII, 12/3

    seriously wounded or sick POWs to their own country

        GCIII, 109/1

of protected persons

    protected persons transferred to a Party not respecting the Conventions

        GCIV, 45

    of evacuated persons at end of hostilities in the area

        GCIV, 49/2

of internees 

    during course of hostilities

        GCIV, 132/2

    repatriation and return to last place of residence at close of hostilities or occupation

        GCIV, 134-135

of remains of dead

        GCI, 17/3 (see ICRC updated Commentary)

        PI, 34

        CIHL, 114